Healthcare Bluebook supports any effort to promote greater transparency around healthcare costs. As the nation’s first and largest provider of healthcare transparency and navigation solutions to state and municipal employers, self-insured Fortune 500 employers and third-party administrators, we know firsthand the value of delivering transparent cost and quality information.


Over the past two years, our experts have been called upon by federal legislators and policy makers, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to share input and knowledge during the Transparency in Coverage rule making process. We have been actively engaging our clients in a planning dialogue as we awaited final rules. Our teams are already documenting potential additional requirements for our platform and developing a cost schedule and cost model. We will be ready to help our clients meet the requirements in the final rule. In the meantime, we welcome clients to reach out to their Bluebook contacts with any specific questions or concerns. We believe this is an important win for consumers and employers and will help deliver a clearer picture of healthcare costs to support better decision making.


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